The application of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers (FRP) is virtually infinite, limited only by the creativity and technical expertise of the design team. Whether it’s a new product roll out with multi-processes, a large scale industrial build, or a modular FRP design; fiberglass has unique properties and versatility that lends itself to a wide range of projects. We know how to provide on-mark services for building construction, material handling, oil and gas, coal, nuclear, water management products, pulp and paper, chemical processing– Beetle Composites has established a trusted reputation.

To simplify the equation we like to think of uses in terms of four fundamental categories:

  • Structural
  • Containment
  • Support
  • Shelter


Horizontal fiberglass tank with custom manway and valves ready for hydrostatic testingWe can provide large diameter FRP pipe and tanks. But we also can provide custom FRP products that will enhance your existing product or design. For example, we’ll not provide a custom tank which meets your industry requirements and esthetic specifications but we’ll also provide you with custom manways, hose-troughs, railways, fenders, roll-over protection, saddles, well lines (dip-tubes), drains fittings and ports. For an infrastructural project, consider the benefits of our platforms, grating, walkways, stairways, railings, and fences. The world is complicated but solutions don’t have to be.


At Beetle we have a full-spectrum of molding and tooling capabilities that will enhance your finished project. Our strengths are inherent in our experience; comprehensive knowledge of composites and capabilities means better solutions for your problems. When you have a problem with corrosion, or abrasion, or you need a product that has a high strength to weight ratio, with integrity and won’t deteriorate we’ll provide a custom FRP solution.

Capacity Capability Solutions

We have demonstrated our commitment to engineering superior composite products for a wide range of uses. We here to assist you in many markets including: oil and gas, coal, nuclear, water and wastewater management, desalinization, water purification, mining and minerals, pulp and paper, chemical storage, and architectural. Whatever your need, our streamlined in-house design and manufacturing capabilities will enhance your product and improve your competitive edge.

Once we understand what your exact needs are we can provide you with the appropriate custom FRP solution.


  • Volume over time- single application or growth-oriented
  • Product specifications- shape/size/surface finish/resistant or esthetic qualities
  • Mechanical/Physical/Chemical properties
  • Cost Target
  • Roll-out date