FRP For Electric Utility

We have unmatched design intelligence that can provide product development and support.  At Beetle Composites we can create new products as well as assist you with incremental improvements.  We offer great products that will perform well in a variety of industrial and municipal electric utility applications.

While the product needs are diverse in the electric industry, many choose FRP products over wood, steel and concrete poles for applications where lightweight, limited access and corrosion resistance are important. Regardless of whether you are working on infrastructure improvement or adding capacity, composites are the most cost-effective materials choice, with the longest life cycles when compared to conventional materials of equal sizes.

Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) are widely used in the electric utility industry because of their, high strength-to-weight ratio, non conductivity, low maintenance, affordability, UV resistance, rot resistance, and flame retardant attributes.  For example, pultruded and filament wound composite utility poles and cross-arms are being used as replacements for aging wood poles in remote and/or extremely humid locations (e.g. composites will not take on moisture or swell).


Currently demand is on the rise for cost-effective composite material solutions in the electric utilities industry.  Electric utilities in the U.S. and elsewhere are working with composite suppliers to take advantage of fiberglass composite as a replacement for wood and metals in power transmission towers, distribution poles and cross-arms, as well as the strength members in the aluminum conductor cables they support.

Similarly, there is no shortage of reports detailing the benefits and use of composites in the electric utility industry.  For example, an article titled “Composites on the Line”, Composites Technology (2004) reported that composite-reinforced cabling has two to three times the electrical capacity of steel-cored cables of comparable size and weight, which could reduce energy demands on — and, therefore, the pollutants associated with — coal- and gas-fired electrical power plants and enable utilities to significantly increase the supply of power through the existing grid.


FRP products will not rot, rust, spall or succumb to termites or wood peckers.FRP products that are on the market, such as poles will not leach chemicals into the environment nor do they contain chemicals or additives that could be detrimental to human contact.  In addition unlike wood poles, our FRP products can be engineered and manufactured with a low coefficient of variation and customized per your specifications. Furthermore, pultruded poles, feature high reliability, and superior durability when compared to traditional treated wood utility poles.

Key advantages for Using FRP in Electric Utility Applications

  • High strength-to-weight ratio- lightweight, good for limited access
  • Superior durability and reliability when compared to treated wood
  • Will not take on moisture, mildew, or mold, will not rot
  • Will not crack or spall
  • Will not succumb to termites, beetles or woodpeckers
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Can be manufactured with a low coefficient of variation
  • Cost-effective- long life cycle, low maintenance
  • Ideal for ecologically sensitive areas (i.e. wetlands)
  • Superior durability, high reliability


Our strengths are inherent in our experience; comprehensive knowledge of composites and our precision capabilities.  We will design, manufacture and build for your electric utility needs.  The products we offer are perfect for a wide variety of electric utility applications such as poles, crossarms, and transformer housing.  In addition, we offer pultruded structural components such as decking, walkways, handrails, as well as pultruded shapes, such as beams, rods, channel, square tube, rectangular tube, and angle.


  • Utility Poles
  • Crossarms
  • Transformer Housing

Structural Components

Structural Members and Shape Components

  • Channel, Square Tube, Rectangle Tube
  • Bars
  • Beams
  • Plates
  • Rods
  • Hardware


We have experience that runs deep.  We’ve been around for over 50 years and in that time we’ve demonstrated our commitment to engineering superior composite products for a wide range of uses, including electric utility.  Whatever your need, our streamlined in-house design and manufacturing capabilities will enhance your product and improve your competitive edge.

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