Ease of FRP Repair

Composites have numerous advantages over conventional building materials, including durability and ease of repair.  The outstanding strength and durability of composites is closely linked to these three factors; the resiliency of the primary structure or bond, and both the size and length of the polymer chains.  Generally speaking long chain polymer interactions tend to resist deformations, matrix breakup, both at high stresses and higher temperatures.

For example, as chain length is increased, melting and boiling temperatures increase quickly.  Impact resistance also tends to increase with chain length, as does the viscosity, or resistance to flow, of the polymer in its melt state.  Increasing chain length furthermore tends to decrease chain mobility, increase strength and toughness, and increase the glass transition temperature.

Similarly, composites are waterproof, resistant to UV light and can withstand caustic and other stringent environments. Typically, once installed composite components are typically maintenance free.  Moreover, composites have low maintenance costs and low downtime during repairs because they are relatively easy materials to work with (i.e. secondary bonds).

Unmatched Customer and Field Services

At Beetle we have the capabilities and capacity to work with you through your structural and cosmetic repair needs to get you up and running again seamlessly.  With over 50 years of experience in composites we understand how time sensitive maintenance and repair issues are.  We have the ability to design and implement workable solutions that will interface with your existing project.