Field Services

Fiberglass Field Services & Fiberglass Repair


We believe the option of turnkey supply is important. For years, Beetle Plastics has supplied field services; from installation to technical assistance to inspection. We feel this is an important service that utilizes our 70-plus years of experience in the fiberglass industry.

There are often misconceptions of fiberglass products when compared to traditional materials. Beetle Plastics takes pride in education and innovation to minimize any field problems that could occur. We have found that most labor contractors treat fiberglass similar to steel and therefore, many problems occur due to the physical differences between the two materials.

Beetle Plastics recommends and offers field service supervision at installation sites. We believe this benefits our customers and ourselves.

Call Beetle Plastics today for help with:

  • Procurement assistance
  • Anchors, guides and support systems
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Supervision, repair and installation services
  • Equipment rebuilding
  • On-site modifications

In addition to full engineering and design support to meet your specific needs, Beetle Plastics provides many other services.

Pre-assembly of your order in our fiberglass fabrication shop, for example, can substantially increase the efficiency of your field erection and installation operations. And, that can mean a better value.

Tap into engineering and field services from Beetle Plastics. Doing it right the first time, on time.