Power Generation

FRP For The Power Generation Industry

Beetle’s experienced cooling tower engineering and design group can offer you the best value option for your particular application, whether it is one of our pre-engineered cooling towers, or a custom designed solution. Our team will work with you through the design, budgeting, planning, and installation of your cooling tower project to make sure you get the best job for the best value.

We have unmatched design intelligence that can provide product development and support.  At Beetle Composites we can create new products as well as assist you with incremental improvements. We manufacture and supply components to over 85 other cooling tower companies and contractors in the U.S. and more than 110 around the world. With over 240,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities we are well equipped to create exceptional products.

Leverage our strengths such as, single source design-build capabilities of new cooling tower construction or reconstruction, thermal upgrade, emergency repair, custom components, and replacement parts.

Our composite products are electromagnetically transparent, nonconductive and corrosion resistant.  Our composites are perfect for use in cooling towers and discharge areas, as well as, around transmission structures, distribution equipment, in storage, and containment areas.


We offer solutions for counterflow towers, crossflow towers, natural-draft towers, and ethanol towers. Similarly, we offer a wide range of custom components including, fan stacks, louvers, fan decking, water distribution systems, and fill and drift eliminators. Common applications include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, petrochemical and other chemical plants, nuclear power, thermal power stations and HVAC systems for cooling buildings.

In addition, we offer custom FRP structural components including: platforms, walkways, stairways, decking, platforms and railings.  All of these products can be manufactured to satisfy your industry regulations and specifications.  Our product offerings are diverse; we also offer galvanized cast iron and stainless steel hardware/components.


  • Fan Stacks
  • Louvers
  • Fan Decking
  • Water Distribution Systems
    • Pipe connections, Laterals, Water Distribution Box, Control Valve, Counterflow Nozzles, and Precision-Flo Systems
  • Fill and Drift Eliminators
    • Bar Type Fill, Drift Eliminator Seals, Film Fill Media, Fill Evacuation Systems


Process and Storage Tanks

Vacuum Vessels

Tank and Vessel Components

Valves, Ports, Fixtures, Maintenance Ports, View Ports, Troughs, Specialized Coatings and Linings

Secondary Containment

Basins and Floor Coverings

Pipe and Pipe Systems


Ductwork and Ductwork Systems

Ventilation and Fan Systems

Hoods, Ridge Vents, Louvers

Covers, Casing, Inlet/Outlet Bell, Shroud, Impellers

Mist Eliminators, Air Strippers,

Structural Components

Platform, Grating, Decking, Walkways, Accessways, Catwalks, Bridges, Ladders Cage Systems, Handrails, Stairways, Fencing

Structural Members and Shape Components

Channel, Bars, Beams, Toe Plates, Rods, Hardware

Fiberglass Enclosures and Architectural

Canopies, Covers, Buildings


We have experience that runs deep.  We’ve been around for over 50 years and in that time we’ve demonstrated our commitment to engineering superior composite products for a wide range of uses, including many in the nuclear industry.  Whatever your cooling tower needs, our streamlined in-house design and manufacturing capabilities will enhance your product and improve your competitive edge.