Project Management

Effective and Efficient Project Management Solutions

For over 50 years Beetle has been a leader in fiberglass in a broad range of markets. Over that time we’ve learned that listening is imperative to creating effective and efficient project management. Our project management thrives when we work together, with the end-user, to achieve a set of pre-defined objectives. When we understand your primary constraints such as scope, time and budget we are able to optimize the allocation of resources and meet critical targets. In essence, project goals are achieved steadfast because we have a comprehensive understanding of challenges and constraints.

While some projects will require outside-the-box ideas and creativity to successfully complete, all follow a structured and monitored planning process with and emphasis on quality—panning, organization, project tracking, and efficient control of resources—this yields results. We employ traditional project management elements, as well as new elements, to ensure that our operations encompass your needs, requirements and specifications.

Traditional Project Management Elements

• Initiation
• Planning and Design
• Execution and Construction
• Monitoring and Controlling Systems
• Completion and Closing

But it isn’t just all about frameworks, its also knowing how to execute. At Beetle we will direct and manage project execution, ensure quality assurance of deliverables, work with stakeholders to exceed their expectations, and conduct procurement services.

Our ability to execute has been carefully cultivated for over 50 years—our project management will enhance your project and help you move forward. We utilize our deep understanding of project structure, project workflow and organization, as well as project governance to maximize our effectiveness and provide support to end-users. Let’s share a conversation today. Let’s get started.