FRP Has A High Strength to Weight Ratio

FRP will weigh one seventh as much as steel and half as much as aluminum.

The term strength to weight ratio is also known as specific strength, this number allows you to compare materials of different mass or applications where resistance against breaking has priority. Typically, when comparing strength of materials of equivalent thicknesses and sizes, FRP will weigh one seventh as much as steel and half as much as aluminum.

There are other very distinct advantages to having specific strength. For example, lightweight properties are important when considering the cost and ease of installation, especially for pipe and tank. FRP has another inherent edge over other products when equipment must be mounted on uneven services, existing structures, such as scrubbers, and on mezzanines or rooftops. Having lightweight properties also works well for specialty applications such as tank trailers.

Strong Lightweight Durable

Fiberglass is a strong, lightweight, and durable composite material. Fiberglass and composites have one of the highest strength to weight ratio available for component fabrication. Pound-for-pound, fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal or steel. Manufacturing parts from fiberglass builds strength directly into a finished product, much more so than using standard injection molded or non-reinforced plastics.

Expertise in Material Technology

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