Abrasion Resistant Materials

One of the benefits of using Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers (FRP) is that they can be manufactured to be abrasion resistant.  Fly Ash, bottom ash and other abrasive slurries can now be handled with reinforced thermoset FRP piping and tanks.

Abrasion resistance technology is particularly useful for coal fired electric generation applications and is performing exceptionally well throughout the fiberglass industry. Because of their versatility, abrasion resistant pipes and tanks can be used solve a wide range of problems. If you have an abrasion problem let us provide a custom solution.


We are confident that we have the best abrasion resistant composite product on the market today.  We have put over 40 years of research and development into abrasion resistant composite technology.  Our advancements were furthered when we worked with Hooker Chemical in the 1960’s and 1970’s, then side by side with Dow Chemical and Interplastics in subsequent years.

To achieve maximum abrasion resistance from FRP composite pipe and laminates we use our unique proprietary processes.  These processes take careful selection of three critical factors: resin, reinforcements, and armoring modifiers.  In addition, these three factors must be applied in the proper ratios and to gain appropriate material interaction.


  • Resin
  • Reinforcements
  • Armoring modifiers
  • Material blending ratios
  • Material interactions


The selection of the proper resin, along with specific resin modifications, has been found to increase abrasion resistance by a factor of two to three times over standard polyester or epoxy resin.  Many of our competitors still use dated processes and manufacturing techniques which use standard polyester or epoxy resins. We worked extensively with Hooker Plastics, Interplastics and Dow Chemical to champion this FRP enhancement.  Another example of how we are leading the way.

Our research and development also led to the discovery, that specialized reinforcements in a particular sequence, used in the matrix also had significant influence on the abrasion resistance of the laminate, specifically the inner abrasion/corrosion liner.  This innovation has made our FRP product the premier choice on the market today.


We also moved forward by developing a new type of armoring modifier that provided superior protection of the FRP composite.  Over the years, Beetle has fine-tuned the specific grades of this armoring modifier material, as well as improved its wetting out and dispersion properties.

In test work reductions, we have seen abrasion loss in FRP composite laminates to just 1/10 that of non-modified laminates. In other words, one might expect increased service life of ten times, or more, from a Beetle abrasion resistant composite.