Desalination Equipment and Products

Desalination-PlantWater is the world’s most precious asset.  In short, it is essential for human-life, economic growth, prosperity, and development.  Lack of freshwater resources, such as clean drinking water, reduces economic growth and prosperity and increases the risk of waterborne diseases and illnesses.

Currently, there is critical worldwide need to better manage water resources.  Beetle has the capability, and capacity to create composite materials solutions to help address many water management issues, including desalinization.  Let us assist you with both small and large capacity systems.

Capacity, Capabilities, Solutions

Let us work with you on your membrane, reverse osmosis, conventional, and seawater cooling designs.  We offer a full-spectrum of high quality custom products, designed to meet your specifications.  Our products will withstand harsh and stringent environments; they are corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, have good heat insulation properties and be enhanced to meet many more needs, including UV light protection.

At Beetle we understand the necessity for clean water technology.  Innovation in desalinization is important to us and we can provide turnkey solutions for small-scale projects or complex industrial structures.  We offer unrivaled single source design-build capabilities that have been refined to successfully and efficiently launch your project.


Waterbourne Diseases and Illnesses

According to a 2008, World Health Organization (WHO) study, an estimated 3.4 million people die each year from water related diseases.  Similarly, a 2012 joint monitoring program, conducted by the WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), found that 780 million people lack access to an improved water source; approximately one in nine people on the planet.   Composites are the cost-effective material solution choice for desalinization and water management projects.

Water Consumption and Availability

According to a United Nation’s study, the world’s water consumption rate is doubling every 20 years, outpacing by two times the rate of population growth. It is projected that by the year 2030 water demand will exceed supply by 57%, due to persistent regional droughts, urbanization, and water needed for industrial growth. The supply of fresh water is on the decrease. Water demand for food, industry and people is on the rise.

We Offer Real Solutions

We provide a full-range of FRP and composite solutions products worldwide for desalinization and other water resource management markets.  As an industry leader in FRP we are constantly improving and diversifying our product range and processes. At Beetle, our experience and precision capabilities, generates real solutions.

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