About FRP Fiberglass Composites



Global polymer production on the scale present today began in the mid 20th century, when low material and productions costs, new production technologies and new product categories combined to make polymer production economical. In the late 1970s when world polymer production surpassed that of steel, they became the ubiquitous material that it is today.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers (FRP) are used for many applications, from boats and bathtubs to missiles. Examples of industrial and chemical equipment currently fabricated out of FRP include tanks and vessels, pipe, ducting, hoods, fans, scrubbers, stacks, grating, and specialty fabrications.


The term FRP, which is common throughout the industry, refers to a plastic (polymer) that has been reinforced with glass fibers.  Additional reinforcements may be added and are typically composed of polyester fibers, carbon fibers, natural fibers or more glass fibers.  When fibers are combined with thermoplastic and thermoset resins, in a laminate schedule, the composite takes on new properties that enhance overall quality and functionality (i.e. corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance etc.).

Fibers provide strength, dimensional stability and heat resistance. Additives are easily incorporated into resin systems to provide pigmentation, flame retardance, weather resistance, superior surface finish, low shrinkage and other desirable properties.

Final properties are determined by many factors including the type, amount, and composition of the resin systems and reinforcements. In addition, the use of additives can greatly affect the properties.


Beetle Composites is an industry leader world wide in custom FRP products. We have over 50 years of experience working with fiberglass and continue to improve our precision capabilities.  At Beetle we have expert design professionals and the ability to offer high quality industrial turnkey solutions.  We’ll work with you to address your specific industrial or commercial needs and create a custom constructible fiberglass product that works for you.  As an industry leader in advanced materials we’ll help you get the job done right, the first time.

We understand how to help you achieve your goals whether it’s in oil and gas, coal, nuclear, waste water management, desalinization, water purification mining and minerals, pulp and paper, chemical processing, architecture along with other industrial application.

We have industry leading capabilities including precision CNC manufacturing, vacuum infusion, open molding, molding and tooling, and filament winding.  At Beetle we want to keep you moving forward with the best FRP products.