Vertical Fiberglass Tanks

Custom Engineered and Designed Tanks

Our typical design limits for pressure and vacuum is +/- 15 psig. Custom applications that exceed these limits can be considered but will require additional engineering services.

Each tank can be custom engineered and designed to meet the customer’s requirements and needs. Manways, access ladders and many other features can be incorporated into your tank based on your needs.

Support skids, support rails and saddles can be custom designed to meet new or existing site arrangements.  Unique and custom tank head and base configurations can be engineered and fabricated to meet your needs.

Beetle Plastics can fabricate fiberglass tanks from a wide variety of resins to meet your chemical requirements. Beetle is experienced with a variety of standard and exotic polyester and vinyl ester resins. We work closely with resin suppliers and can assist you with the resin selection process.

Added features for colored resins or custom paint can be provided to meet your color requirements. We can provide a colored resin coat finish for product up to 14’ diameter and a painted finish up to 12’ diameter.

We ship product in and out of the USA. Custom packaging and shipping sequences can be arranged to meet your needs. We will work with the you and your contractors based on the specific shipping and jobsite constraints.  Added services such as hydrostatic testing and project specific testing are available.