These specifications and standards for fiberglass pressure pipe are a collaboration between the American Water Works Association and theAmerican National Standards Institute.

This standard describes:

  • the fabrication and the testing of nominal 1-in. through 156-in. (25-mm through 4,000-mm) fiberglass pipe and joining systems for use in both above-ground and below-ground water systems
  • service and distribution piping systems and transmission piping systems are included.
  • both glass-fiber-reinforced thermosetting-resin pipe (RTRP) and glass-fiber-reinforced polymer-mortar pipe (RPMP)
  • epoxy-resin and polyester-resin systems
  • commercial-grade glass-fiber as the reinforcement material in the pipe wall
  • liner materials including thermosetting or thermoplastic resin, reinforced or unreinforced, with or without fillers
  • pressure classes described are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, and 450 psig (345, 689, 1,034, 1,379, 1,724, 2,069, 2,414, 2,759, and 3,103 kPa)
  • stiffness classes described are 9, 18, 36, and 72 psi (62, 124, 248, and 496 kPa)

This standard may be used to the extent applicable for other diameters, pressure classes, and stiffness classes.

For information on design, hydraulics, and installation, refer to AWWA Manual M45, Fiberglass Pipe Design.