When designed properly FRP materials can provide excellent high-temperature capabilities and solvent resistance. Depending on resin selection and other design factors, unique characteristics may be enhanced. In general, FRP withstand many acids, alkalis and oxidizing chemicals.

Regardless of whether you are constructing a chlor-alkali plant, chlorine dioxide plant, or building an HCL absorber vessel, or an HCL storage tank for nickel processing—FRP can provide a wide range of corrosion solutions. FRP is sought after for its corrosion resistant properties in a wide range of industries including pulp and paper, power generation, pharmaceuticals, wastewater treatment, mining and minerals, and chemical processing.

Each service environment is unique and requires special attention to engineering considerations. Special considerations such as concentration, temperature, pressure, vacuum will need to be addressed to ensure that the product being fabricated is optimized to enhance its performance and meet your specifications. To a large degree your service environment and specifications will influence many important design elements such as resin selection, laminate schedule and corrosion barrier.

Key Specs for Beetle Tanks

• Standard and custom diameters up to 14’, with heights as required
• Standard and custom materials, custom formulations available
• Engineered to meet your service requirements and specifications
• Custom components, fittings, connections, valves, and ports available

green-gray-tankThe corrosion barrier is typically fabricated with a resin-rich liner or corrosion barrier, followed by a glass-rich structural wall. The corrosion barrier is one component of the entire laminates schedule; it is a critical layer that must be designed properly in order to ensure effectiveness, safety and performance of your FRP product. Although the corrosion liner does not provide much in terms of mechanical properties it’s extremely important to the overall design of your composite product. The type and thickness of this barrier/liner and fabrication method will depend upon the specific service environment. We can customize the thickness of the corrosion/abrasion barrier to meet your requirements.

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