Horizontal Fiberglass Tanks

Horizontal Stationary Tank Design

Horizontal stationary tank design varies from vertical tank design in some respects. There are specific design conditions for each tank arrangement that are very important. For example, Beetle Plastics can fabricate a horizontal fiberglass tank designed to your support requirements.  The fiberglass tanks could be set on support saddles, fitted with support legs, or customized to meet your existing conditions.  Let us assist you with engineering and fabricating your tank to maximize the service life and minimize maintenance requirements.

Our typical fiberglass tank design limits for pressure and vacuum is +/- 15 psig. Custom applications that exceeding these limits are special projects and are within our capabilities.

Each tank can be custom engineered and designed to meet your requirements and needs. Manways, access ladders, and many other features can be incorporated into your tank.

Walkways, support skids, support rails and saddles can be custom designed to meet new or existing site arrangements.  Unique and custom tank head and base configurations can be engineered and fabricated to meet your needs.