Pipe and Fittings for Severely Corrosive Industrial Service

Uses and Applications:

  • Chemical Process Piping
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Acid Drains
  • Corrosive Services
  • Waste Water and Sewage Systems
  • Process Plant Piping
  • Power Plant Piping
  • Bleach Processing
  • Chlorine and Chlorinated Water
  • Food Processing Plant Piping
  • Plant Piping
  • Water Treatment Piping
  • Brine and Brackish Water
  • Potable Water
  • Piping Systems for Oxidizing Chemicals and Acids
  • Piping Systems for Alkalies and Non-Oxidizing Acids
  • Industrial Service for Severely Corrosive Liquids


  • Filament wound fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester epoxy composite pipe.
  • ASTM D-2996 Classification Type 1, Grade 2, Class E.


  • Working pressures from NBS-PS-15-69 duct to 450 psi+, depending upon size and wall
  • thickness.
  • Vacuum to -14.7 psig for all sizes, by selection of wall thicknesses, ribs and filament wind angle.
  • Available for earth burial, all depths, with selection of wall thicknesses, ribs and filament
  • wind angle.
  • Weighs 1/6 as much as steel. Thus, lower installation costs.
  • The resins used in Series 5000 pipe meet the requirements of F.D.A. Regulations 21-CFR-175.105 and 21-CFR-177.2420.
  • Smooth inner surface produces very low frictional loss for reduced pumping and fan blower costs. Hazen-Williams flow coefficient under 150.
  • Recommended for a wide range of corrosion applications.
  • Consult with Beetle Plastics LLC or the resin manufacturer for specific project recommendations.


  • Nominal 40 to 50 mil Glass Veil and/or Nexus Reinforced Corrosion Liner, followed by a
  • Fiberglass Filament Wound Structural Overwrap.
  • A premium grade vinyl ester resin, pigmented dark grey for UV inhibition, is used
  • throughout the laminate.
  • Operating Temperatures up to 180°f.

Pipe Sizes:

Diameters, ranging from 1/2″ Ø up to 168″ Ø. Pipe available built to iron pipe outside diameters (ASTM D-2996, Table 3), as well as pipe built to chemical process piping inside diameter standards.Pipe Lengths:

  • ½” Ø pipe and smaller is built in 5 foot lengths.
  • ¾” Ø and 7/8” Ø pipe is built in 6 foot lengths.
  • 1” Ø through 1 ½” Ø pipe is built in 10 foot lengths.
  • 2” Ø through 4” Ø pipe is available in 20 foot lengths.
  • 6” Ø pipe is available in 30 foot lengths.
  • 8” through 168” pipe is available in 40 foot lengths.
  • For selected pipe sized in 30” Ø and larger, 60 foot lengths are available. Longer lengths
  • mean fewer field joints.

Joining Systems:

  • Bell (socket) and spigot structural adhesive weld bonded joints are available on diameters 12″ and less. Diameters 14″ and larger are the butt wrap joint method.
  • Flanges, all sizes through 144″ Ø, including the superior filament wound socket flanges for sizes ½″ Ø through 36″ Ø ANSI 150lb., 300lb. And 600lb all available as standard. Any pressure rating and drilling pattern available on order.
  • VanStone, Loose Ring Style, Flanges.
  • Flange Spacers, all diameters, bolt hole patterns and thicknesses, built to order.
  • Bell and Spigot “O” Ring Joints, through 84″ Ø
  • Bell and Spigot “O” Ring Joints with Locking Key for Retained Ends.
  • Mechanical Couplings, Including Victaulic and Taylor-Kerr.
  • Expansion Joints, including Triple “O” Ring Style for Fly Ash Lines.
  • Repair (maintenance) couplings.


Good corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range. Temperatures from sub-zero to 180° f.


Mechanical Properties:

These are conservative properties that can be used for the design of FW pipe for pressure, vacuum, supported span and burial conditions. Contact Beetle Plastics LLC for recommendations on the appropriate design formulas to be used for FRP composite pipe.

Burial Installations:

As a custom manufacturer of pipe and fittings, we can design and build pipe to handle burial conditions ranging from live loads due to highway and rail traffic – to earth loads of 100 feet or greater. We even have experience with underwater installations. Our engineers will welcome the opportunity to work with you on a pipe design, backfill selection and installation methods to meet your specific requirements. The result will be your lowest cost per year of service life (installed basis).

Support Span Installations:

Again, we can design and build pipe to provide you the lowest cost for supported span installed pipe. Since we are not limited to just a few pipe wall thickness and filament winding angles – we can select and choose the combination of pipe design and support design and cost that will provide your “best buy”. Consult with our engineers for assistance with your specific requirements.


Elbows, standard are 22 ½°, 30°, 45° and 90°. Any angle elbow available on special order. Elbows through 48″ Ø are available as smooth radius. Mitered elbows are available in all sizes.

  • Reducing Elbows
  • Tees
  • Reducing Tees
  • Concentric Taper Body Reducers
  • Eccentric Taper Body Reducers
  • Saddles, with FRP and Stainless Steel Threaded Outlets
  • Bell Outlets, Spigot Outlets and Flanged Outlets
  • Wear Pads (Blank Saddles)
  • Crosses
  • Reducing Crosses
  • Laterals
  • Reducing Laterals
  • True Wyes
  • P-Traps and 180° U-Bends
  • Floor Drains
  • Pipe Couplings
  • Threaded (NPT) Couplings
  • Adapters, Bell and NPT Thread
  • (Male or Female Threads available)
  • Pipe Nipples
  • Reducing Bushings and Threaded Adapter Bushings
  • Fitting and Pipe Plugs – Pipe Caps
  • Blind Flanges
  • Threaded Flanges
  • Reducing Flanges
  • Orifice Flanges

All fittings are available as adhesive socket, plain end, flanged end, bell and spigot “O” ring or any combination. Fittings are available from ½″ Ø through 168″ Ø.