What Makes a Superior FRP Fracking Tank?

fracking tankThere are many FRP tank options available out there on the market, so how can you be sure you’re getting a high quality product that performs?  When designing your fracking tank there are many criteria to consider, for example, corrosion barrier thickness, chemicals to be handled, and aesthetics—to name a few. You’ll want to make sure that the product you are ordering has been specially designed to withstand the challenges of corrosive and stringent environments, such as chemical media, high temperature, vacuum, and high pressure.

In addition you’ll also want to be sure the fabricator has the experience and commitment to industry standards to execute the finished product you have in mind.  Here is a short list of some basic characteristics of what we believe makes a superior fracking tank.

1. Corrosion resistance

Work with a dedicated and experienced design/manufacturing team that has the capabilities to deliver superior corrosion resistant tanks that will withstand hydrochloric acid, corrosive solutions, and other fracking fluids.

2. Aesthetics

Find a company that has the right technology, capabilities, and know-how to meet your industry requirements.  Find a manufacturer that has high standards, good quality control, will pay attention to details, aesthetics, and has a proven history in FRP.

3. Design Flexibility and Custom Components

Work with a company that has the engineering experience to offer design flexibility; build new, repair, or upgrade.  Be sure to select a manufacture that possesses the know-how to offer add-on FRP components, such as manways, hose troughs, roll over protection, tank saddles, well lines (dip tubes), drains, fitting, ports, and fixtures and interface with your fleet.

4. Custom Laminate Scheduling and Custom Paint

Find a manufacturer that understands your industry needs and can deliver custom laminate scheduling and paint—ensure you tank performs and looks good.   Be sure the manufacture knows how to select the proper resin for your specifications (i.e. corrosion barrier/liner) and offers custom formulations that can enhance your tanks service life and look.

5. Execute and Deliver

If you’re in the gas exploration industry be sure the manufacturer of your FRP tank and products understands that maintaining supply, hauling hydrochloric acid, corrosive solutions, and meeting deadlines are critical to a successful operation. Be sure they can work efficiently and schedule effectively to meet your demands.

Lastly,  cheap ain’t good and good ani’t cheap, that’s an expression that’s been correct 100% of the time, at least in my experience—in this world you pay for what you get, so be sure to keep that in mind when selecting your FRP products.