FRP Ductwork Ideal for Corrosive Applications

FRP ductworkFiber-Glass-Reinforced plastics (FRP) are used for a large variety of applications across a huge number of industries; from boats to bathtubs to missiles chemical storage, FRP is creeping into every aspect of our lives. And there’s good reason for that!

FRP offers a lot of advantages over traditional building materials. For one thing, traditional building materials have been steadily increasing in price for years. FRP, on the other hand, continues to be affordable. FRP also has a long service life, often times making it the most cost effective solution, especially in corrosive environments.

Because of the formulation of FRP, one of the most sought after advantages it offers is its corrosion resistance. And one of the fastest growing areas of FRP use is the use of FRP pipe and ductwork for pollution-control equipment.

FRP ductwork and pipe can be used for:

  • Full vacuum and pressure services
  • Filament wound or contact molded
  • Wide variety of joints available
  • Full range of fittings and connections
  • Standard materials or custom formulations including abrasion resistant composites
  • Round, elliptical or rectangular ducting

Because of the incredible flexibility inherent in FRP construction, FRP ductwork can be specially designed and fabricated for the particular application and environment it will be placed in. And, when working with us, site assistance and testing services ensure that the FRP ductwork and piping are installed and function optimally.   

frp ductwork for mining

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