Pultruded Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer for Power Generation Plant

pultruded fiberglassWhen a customer came to us with an existing metal and wood scaffolding maintenance platform that needed to be replaced with a permanent material solution, we said no problem!

When designing fiberglass stairs, railings, platforms, and other structural products the unique properties of FRP make it a perfect solution. Some of the key properties to consider when designing structural products are:

  • Strong, lightweight, durable, will not rot or decay
  • Corrosion resistant, slip resistant, ultraviolet resistant, and non conductive
  • Molded in color reduces maintenance costs such as painting and coating
  • Can be customized in accordance with OSHA design specifications
  • Long-term maintenance costs are reduced

To see  how we used custom pultruded FRP to solve our customers maintenance platform problem, download the full case study here or by following the link below.