Corrosion Resistant Material

corrosion resistant material When looking for a corrosion resistant material for construction or manufacturing, there are a lot of material options on the market to choose from. When trying to sort through the options one corrosion resistant material stands out: fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP).

Advantages of FRP

There are a number of advantages to FRP as the corrosion resistant material of choice. Once of the biggest advantages has to do with the cost effectiveness of FRP. While other traditional materials like steel or concrete continue to see annual price increases, FRP remains affordable. FRP also has a long service life, making it cost effective in the long term even if it is comparable in price in the short term.

FRP also offers the advantage of flexibility and customization. Working with an experienced company, FRP can be formulated to meet almost any need across a wide range of industries.

How is the Corrosion Barrier/Liner Created?

Corrosion resistance of FRP is a function both of resin content and the specific resin used in the laminate.  Generally speaking, the higher the resin content, the more corrosion resistant the laminate.  Ergo, when building the laminate, the surface area nearest the corrosive or caustic medium is 90% resin and 10% glass (i.e. surfacing-veil layer).  For instances where an extremely corrosive media is present the surfacing-veil layer is then followed by a layer comprised of 75% resin and 25% glass.  Higher glass content may be used where less corrosive resistant qualities are needed.

Corrosion Resistant FRP Applications

FRP is corrosion resistant enough to accommodate a diverse variety of applications including:

  • Hydrochloric acid               
  • Wet chlorine gas
  • Ferric chloride                  
  • Hydrogen sulfide                   
  • Sludge storage                                 
  • Raw and pure water
  • Acid waste neutralization      
  • Caustic storage
  • Industrial waste water                       
  • Industrial water                      
  • Cement industry waste water
  • Oily waste water
  • Chlorides 

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